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Youth Counselling

Information For Young People

Counselling can offer a safe space to talk about the things you can't say to anyone else. You might not even have the words but know that things don't feel right. 
We don't have to just talk if that feels strange, sometimes using a bit of creativity can help. Whatever you feel like doing is ok with me.

Information For Parents/Caregiver

I know how hard it can be to see your child struggling emotionally and not be able to share their worries with you. Sometimes it can help them to share and investigate emotional issues with a neutral contact. 
I am an experienced youth counsellor believing in the power of young hearts, strong minds, their potential and capabilities.

Youth Counselling: Services

Supporting Your Journey

Teenage years can be a particularly challenging time, coping with a multitude of developmental, physical and emotional changes. Added to this are societies expectations and assumptions  on young people that can feel unfair, unjust and unrealistic. 
2020 has been a particularly testing time for young people and family life. Disrupted education, isolation from friends and family, anxieties around health and well-being and a general feeling of loss of control may contribute to a breakdown in mental health.
Counselling may help to investigate the individual pressures around growing up and together we can look at coping strategies and tools to help a smoother transition through these important years.  
Come in/or log on and share how you are feeling. Your hopes, dreams, worries and personal experiences. Nothing is wasted, tomorrow is a new day.

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