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What is Counselling?

Counselling and psychotherapy may help you to find answers, hidden aspects of yourself and comfort in times when you feel unable to cope on your own.

I follow an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy and believe that valuing you as an individual is essential in your counselling experience. Integrative therapy involves working with  theories and techniques from many theoretical models. Working using person centred, psychodynamic and humanistic theories, counselling approaches and methods can be tailor made  to suit your needs creating a personal framework just for you. Identifying what is important to you on a daily basis but also recognising that there are times when past experiences may play a part in putting the pieces together, helping you to make sense of what is troubling you.

You are a unique individual and it's like having your own set of keys.  Not all keys are the same  fit for everyone and no assumptions are made. In fact, the possibilities are endless! Together we will discover what works for you and create

your own set of keys. Using a range of techniques from empathic listening, exploration of past experiences,  art, and other creative mediums, will help to encourage hidden aspects of yourself and your emotional needs.

Looking at your own relationship patterns, past and present can be a integral factor in your therapeutic experience and I believe that strong authentic relationships enhance emotional healing and personal development. I value the therapuetic relationships I build with my clients and the richness they bring. 

Therapy can be long or short term, to suit your needs and we would discuss that when we meet.

Sessions are available for all ages 

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Counselling and Wellbeing for all

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Online or Telephone Counselling

Therapy delivered to you, wherever is convenient, via Zoom. Access therapy in a way that suits you and your environment.


Face to Face Counselling

Just off the A3, Milford, I am in easy reach of surrounding villages. Free parking  available with disabled access. 

Counselling: Services
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